Thursday, May 16, 2013

Kiyu Asakura house

 Kiyu Asakura House in Daikayama.

I was almost free to use private time this morning so I ride my bicycle to stroll around at Dikanyama.

I stop to Dikanyama Tsutaya book shop first and got nice books before visit Kiyu Asakura house.

Spending time at Starbucks and sitting at outside cafe and  just enjoyed relax moments in sunny day.

I feel I need to see lots of tree and green for encounter small vision quest by myself so I decided to visit Asakara House to inner trip.

It was built in 1919 by Torajiro Asakura, chairperson of the Tokyo Council, and has survived wars and earthquakes.Asakura House is real Japanese style old mansion and there great Japanese garden.



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