Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Futago Tamagawa Rise

There is new shopping spot open at river side  Fuatago Tamagawa station. I couldn' to stop to visit after riverside motor cycle riding because my curiosity about the new shopping mall so strong. I find that Rise mall has motor cycle parking lot and 3 hrs no charge , its good to me!

God, thanks there H&M store open first floor. I feel difficult to go H&M Shibuya, Harajuku young streets. 50s can't go that kids streets to shopping. But everything so low price with cool stylish clothes I can find so wanted to go to H&M.

Almost summer  hot days coming  make ready to put on vacation clothe 
with cool stylish short pants is necessary for daily living especially play with my 3yrs old daughter .
Daddy has to be cool. Dasai  papa wa dame ne.

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